Brandon’s Carpet Cleaning

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We provide hot water extraction carpet cleaning services and a full range of residential and commercial cleaning and restoration services, including hard surface floor cleaning plus fabric and upholstery cleaning.  We use the latest methods, and state-of-the-art cleaning and drying equipment to provide you with a clean, healthy, and comfortable home or office. Please click here for a gallery of our work. Find us on FACEBOOK and YELP.

We offer much more than the standards…… carpet & upholstery cleaning. Anything from window washing to dryer vent cleaning, rain gutter cleaning and emergency water damage services. These are just a few of the many services we offer. Don’t forget we specialize in odor removal, in particular pet urine. Give us a call for any routine or emergency service.
Pet owners know that even the best trained cats and dogs have accidents from time to time. Pet stains can damage your carpet and ruin your rugs and upholstery. Along with stains, odor is a common problem. Removing the pet odors from your carpet such as urine can be a challenging and frustrating process. It's very important to have your carpet or fabrics treated as soon as an accident occurs to guarantee the success of complete stain removal. The longer a stain sits, the harder it can be to remove the stain completely.